Kings Centerman Should Become Trade Candidate

There has been a whole lot of talk surrounding the Los Angeles Kings regarding them moving one of their right shot defencemen and for good reason. But what isn't discussed enough is how many good prospects and young players the organization has fighting for spots on the NHL roster.

The main concern here is that two very high draft picks, Alex Turcotte and Quinton Byfield, are both currently playing in the AHL. Both have played games in the NHL and neither have stuck yet. Turcotte was drafted one year prior to Byfield at fifth overall in 2019 while Byfield was taken second overall the following year. He has definitely been given a better opportunity and more chances to this point and hasn't been able to stick in the Kings' lineup over some of their current players.

In order for Byfield and Turcotte to get a real shot in the NHL without a chance of being sent down again, someone in their way must be moved. That someone is Blake Lizotte. He is and undrafted player the Kings signed in 2019 and he is currently in his third contract with the team that takes him through next season.

Lizotte holds the third line centre position, the role Byfield was and is expected to be playing in until he is able to pass Anze Kopitar or Phillip Danault in skill. Byfield is expected to be the next franchise centerman and Lizotte is in his way right now. As for Turcotte, he appears to be behind the younger Byfield, so a shot for him will be even harder to come by with Lizotte hanging around. It won't be too difficult for the Kings to move on from the 24-year-old centre as he is on a fair contract and fairly effective in his role. But it is a necessary move for the team for the future.

Photo credit: © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports