Report: Ottawa Senators Going Up for Sale

Who has close to one billion dollars in the bank? ... If that's you, keep an eye on the open market because the Ottawa Senators will soon be available to purchase.

Reports have surfaced from Postmedia's Bruce Garrioch, who is very well versed with insider information on the Senators, stating ownership has retained Galatioto Sports Partners, a New-York based investment bank to sell the franchise.

Currently the Sens are owned by Anna and Olivia Melnyk, who have taken over the franchise for their late father Eugene, who passed away in March. 

Relocation? Potentially, but to this point the plan is to sell the team with the intention to remain in Ottawa. The Senators ranked 27th with a $655-million valuation, but sources told Garrioch that figure would be much higher if the team were to be sold. A downtown arena deal is still in the works and would do wonders for the value of the franchise and for the fan experience for Sens nation. Their current rink in Kanata is a 20-minute drive the downtown and ideally the games would happen directly downtown Ottawa. Save your pennies, soon you could become a franchise owner as the Senators will be hitting the open market. 

Photo credit:  Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports