Retired NHLer P.K Subban Signs New Contract

Retired defenseman P.K Subban didn't want to be known as just a 'hockey player'. Turns out he can also put 'hockey analyst' on his resume as the former Norris trophy winner is joining ESPN.

Subban, who has some experience in front of the TV last Stanley Cup Playoffs with ESPN, has signed on to be a full-time member of the ESPN hockey panel. After a surprising retirement in September, the fan favorite has signed a three-year agreement with ESPN and will find himself as a studio analyst this season.

Subban had this to say about the career change:

I’ve known for a few weeks now. It’s been tough to have known what I was gonna do that and just kind of keep it close to the chest. But I’m excited now that we’re now here. I had done some work last postseason and it was great. I enjoyed working with the producers and everybody. I’m excited to bring that passion and that energy that I brought on the ice to something else that I’m passionate about. I hope that they’re just as excited as I am to get started. The people that follow and know me know that I keep honest. I’m gonna be myself, and hopefully that’s what they want to see. I think that’s what people are excited about.

Expect to see more of Subban on your broadcast and look for episodes of 'P.K's Places', a series that will debut in 2023. 

Photo credit:  Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports