Video: Jack Eichel with a Message for Buffalo Sabres Fans

When the Buffalo Sabres traded Jack Eichel to the Vegas Golden Knights, most of the hockey world responded the same....'finally!'. Eichel had been rumored to be moving for months as the relationship between himself and Sabres management was well documented. While Eichel was expecting a trade at some point, he wasn't expecting the response he received from Sabres fans in his return to Buffalo last season. 

Fast forward ahead, and the Golden Knights visited the Sabres on Thursday night, and it was round two for the 'Eichel Revenge Game'. A hat trick later and Vegas stomped the Sabres due in large part to the man of the hour himself. 

I don’t know why. I probably shouldn’t have been last year, but I was maybe a little surprised by the reception. "I’m just like anyone else. I’m a human being. It was emotional for me like it probably was for them. Maybe I was a little bit hurt. What happened, happened. It’s in the past,” Eichel said. “I’m trying to just focus on the present, and we have a big game tonight. That’s what I’m worried about. I’m very thankful for my time in Buffalo and everything I received here from the organization, and all the fans and people of the city. I’ve moved on, and I’m happy where I’m at right now

Photo credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports