NHL Rumors: Canucks Looking To Trade Defenceman After Specific Date

With many changes set to occur for the Vancouver Canucks, Tyler Myers is going to be one of them. It will be tough for the team to trade him during this season, but much easier once July 2 hits. Elliotte Friedman states that the Canucks will have no problem trading Myers on July 2 or later considering his signing bonus will have been paid and he would have just $1 million in real cash left to be paid out.

Myers being traded won't be the start of the change in Vancouver as Bo Horvat will be dealt before the trade deadline and multiple other players should be on their way out either during the season or the offseason. Things must change in order for the team to finally build a winning culture. They have been a mid-level team for a number of years, failing to get really high draft picks and failing to make the playoffs.

Freeing up the cap hit of $6 million ahead of the 2023-24 season will benefit the Canucks greatly. It will add to the sum of money they will have to work with in order to shuffle their roster around and free up a spot on the back-end where they can either sign someone, trade for a player, or allow their young players to earn a bigger role.

Photo credit: © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports