Bruins Rumors: Latest on David Pastrnak Extension Talks

David Pastrnak is the Boston Bruins' top pending UFA, and they have naturally been aiming to sign the superstar winger to his next deal before the summer. Yet, as we hit the second half of the season, he has yet to sign his next contract, and that is naturally concerning. According to Fluto Shinzawa, the B's and Pastrnak are continuing to disagree on his value. That is certainly not the news that Bruin fans want to hear, as Pastrnak is their top sniper, and he will be impossible to replace if they end up letting him walk. 

Pastrnak is having a spectacular season during his contract year, so he naturally is aiming to get as much bank as possible. It is entirely understandable, as if he hits the market, he could land himself one of the biggest contracts in the entire league. He has earned that, and it is time for GM Don Sweeney to pay the man or run the risk of the the Bruins losing their top sniper. That would certainly be horrible news for Boston if the latter comes to fruition. 

It will be intriguing to see if the B's and Pasta can come to an agreement soon. Given his importance to the club, the Bruins should do everything in their power to get a deal done. 

Photo Credit: © Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports