Canucks Management: "We're In A Pickle Here"

You don't say, Jim Rutherford? If you didn't know already, the Vancouver Canucks are a complete mess and as their President of Hockey Operations put in on Monday, they are in a pickle. Rutherford was referring specifically to Bo Horvat's contract negotiations with his pickle comment, however some of the quotes which came out of Rutherford's media availability have people scratching their heads.

Rutherford admitted the management team has not done a good job and is disappointed so far with how things are going. He admitted he's talked to coaching candidates for months and that Bruce Boudreau is the coach at this very moment, but things are fluid. Rutherford also admitted he thought this team needed minor surgery and it turns out major surgery is needed.

Oh ya, and expect a retool from the Canucks, as a rebuild is not on the horizon, however Rutherford did admit the core of players will be changing. If you get a chance watch the entire press conference, however for now, here's some of the best quotes:

Photo credit: © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports