NHL Rumors: 2 Defencemen Worth 1st Round Picks At Trade Deadline

As we grow nearer to the 2022-23 trade deadline, it becomes more clear as to what each team is looking to add and trade this season. Defencemen, especially ones who are strong on the defensive side of the puck, are becoming a more valuable asset as there are two in particular who will likely go for a first round pick if traded - Joel Edmundson and Vladislav Gavrikov.

Chris Johnston reported that any team looking to add one of the defenders will be looking at giving up a first round pick. It's risky to trade a first round pick for a rental no matter what as the first round pick could turn into a player that will be in a team's organization for years as opposed to a player who could be there for 20-30 games.

Some teams will get desperate and trade their first round pick, even in a draft like the 2023 NHL Entry draft that is projected to be a very strong class.

Gavrikov is a rental and it is almost a guarantee that the Columbus Blue Jackets are moving him. He has a cap hit of $2.8 million which is very good for a cap-strapped team. He is a legitimate top-four defenceman but the 27-year-old will also likely hit the open market in the summer as he could get as much as $5 million AAV on his next deal.

Edmundson on the other hand may be less likely to move and could even get more of a return for the Montreal Canadiens. The 29-year-old has one more year left on his deal at $3.5 million AAV, but has a 10-team no trade list that some teams looking to trade for him won't be able to. He is also strong defensively and the extra year could entice some buyers to give up a first.

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