NHL Rumors: Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman Garnering Interest

According to Rory Bolden, multiple teams have contacted the Chicago Blackhawks regarding the availability of Seth Jones.

With the Blackhawks rebuilding, it makes sense that Jones is getting some buzz in the rumor mill. After all, he is a veteran defenseman who would certainly be a notable addition to a playoff team. Yet, Jones also is under contract for the next eight seasons, so there’s no question that he would be far more than a rental if another team acquires him. His $9.5 million cap hit also certainly is an obstacle when it comes to a potential move.

The Ottawa Senators were linked to Jones earlier this season, but Friedman noted after that a move to Ottawa is not in the cards for Jones. Yet, we will have to wait and see if these other teams end up making a serious push for him from here. 

photo credit: © Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports