Anaheim Ducks Rumors: Goaltender On The Move

The Anaheim Ducks have had a very rough season, so much so that the emergence from their rebuild may be a few more years down the line. In that case, they would like to get more youth in their lineup and get value from what players they have signed and on expiring contracts.

Elliotte Friedman reports that the Ducks will open room for Lukas Dostal on their team, meaning one of Anthony Stolarz or John Gibson is on the move before the 2023 Trade Deadline. Freidman states that Stolarz is the obvious move, but the team would love to find a way to get Gibson a new home.

Stolarz is a UFA at the end of the season on a $950,000 contract which is very appealing for contenders looking for some goaltending depth or even a backup goaltender. Though it's not as evident in this very tough year for the Ducks in general, Stolarz is a very good backup goaltender who has sported a .915 SV%, six shutouts, and a 9.2 goals save above average (GSAA) in his career before this season. He still has a .897 SV% this season, but the Ducks have an astronomically bad goal differential and allow 4.19 goals against per game.

Gibson is intriguing here because he has been a good goaltender through a very tough rebuild on him. When the Ducks were competitive in his first five seasons in the NHL, he had a SV% of .921, 18 shutouts, and a GSAA of 57.7 with a record of 119-77-28. In the four seasons since, the Ducks have let the former All-Star down as he has a record of 57-94-29 with a .902 SV%, six shutouts, and -30.7 GSAA. He has still proven that he is an elite goaltender as both parties should part ways within the next year.

Gibson is the prize goaltender that the Ducks will try to move, but that isn't always easy mid-season. They may have to settle with trading Stolarz in the next two weeks and get Dostal more reps in the NHL, and then make the big move in the offseason. The 22-year-old goaltender has proven himself as a solid option going forward and has played well enough to warrant a graduation from the AHL where he has played very well despite a poor team around him. Stolarz should fetch the Ducks a mid-round pick, but Gibson will get a return of at least two first round picks or a top prospect thrown in there.

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