Chicago Blackhawks Rumors: Insider Reveals Potential Jake McCabe Trade Details

According to many NHL Insiders, Chicago Blackhawks' defenseman Jake McCabe has six of the seven Canadian NHL teams on his no-trade list, leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs as the only Canadian team he would like to play for. In recent weeks Toronto has been heavily linked to him, and these rumours make sense. The team needs help on their backend and the Blackhawks want to collect as many assets as they can for their future. 

Well, on the Real Kyper and Bourne show on Feb. 15, 2023, they had Blackhawks' reporter Mark Lazerus as their guest. He revealed a bit more inside information as to what the Hawks are thinking in terms of selling this trade deadline

‎Real Kyper & Bourne: Chasing Kane-bows on Apple Podcasts

Nick Kypreos, Justin Bourne and Sam McKee are joined in-studio by NHL on TNT's Darren Pang who is in Toronto to cover tonight's Leafs game against the Chicago Blackhawks. They tee up the game, reflect on recent trade deadline rumours and answer listener questions (3:48). Mark Lazerus, Blackhawks rep...

It is no secret that Chicago is in full tank mode, to increase their chance of getting the first overall pick in this year's draft. Which they would use to draft the young phenom Connor Bedard as the new face of their franchise. However, if they are truly willing to retain up to 50% of McCabe's contract, it seems like a no-brainer for the Maple Leafs. Of course, with that comes the right deal, and there is a chance that the Leafs don't have the assets to offer them, or simply don't want to offer the assets as per the asking price. But, if they can make it work, it would be incredibly smart for them to consider adding a defenseman like McCabe. He has all tools that a contending team needs, and has the term, which is always valuable this time of year. 

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