Toronto Maple Leafs Rumors: Team Emerging As Top Destination For Meier

Though it makes sense for Timo Meier to be traded to a contender that intends on signing him past this season, other teams that are looking to use him just as a rental for their playoff run are showing serious interest in acquiring him. This includes the Toronto Maple Leafs who have been tenuously linked to Meier and the San Jose Sharks this season, per Chris Johnston.

The Maple Leafs have far too much in the way of big contracts to worry about before thinking about extending Meier if they acquire him, but he is the perfect blend of player that would be suited for playoff hockey and to get them out of the first round. This is outside the box thinking as Kyle Dubas isn't limiting his trade deadline options to just rentals.

Dubas and the Maple Leafs can pay the price for Meier in full since that's the only way he's going to be won from the Sharks. After that they would use him down the stretch to ensure home ice advantage in the first round at least before trading him in the offseason as a restricted free agent to a team that can sign him.

Meier would get a slightly smaller return than what the Maple Leafs were to pay for him at the deadline, but it would be well worth it to give them a player like Meier who shoots a ton, scores, and plays physically. He plays the wing and could be utilized on either of the top two lines, giving the team much more depth. Meier's cap hit is just $6 million until the end of the season, and with retained salary, is very affordable to bring in and then some for the Maple Leafs.

Photo credit: © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports