3 Standouts for the Anaheim Ducks in 2022-23

Now that the NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone, the season enters its final stretch. Typically at this point in the season, we see teams clinch their spot in the NHL playoffs like the Boston Bruins did this past weekend. However, this is also when teams fall out of the hunt or simply ride out the remaining games in preparation for the offseason like the Arizona Coyotes. Throughout this series, we will look at all 32 NHL team's top three standout players from the season. So, let's jump into it with the Anaheim Ducks!

Trevor Zegras

Trevor Zegras is not only leading the team in points with 21 goals and 25 assists for 56 points in 67 games. But he is also leading the culture change in Anaheim as well as the NHL. He has the skill set to do things with the puck that amazes the fans on a nightly basis, whether it is the between-the-legs goal against Seattle or the 'Michigan', he always has the crowd entertained. He brings an element to the NHL that makes it entraining in the new era of hockey, that sees less physicality and more skill. It wouldn't be surprising to see Zegras with more of a leadership role next season, and for years to come as the Ducks maneuver their way through this rebuild.


Troy Terry

Troy Terry is another member of the future that has shown up again this season. Last season he had 67 points, which included a career-high 37 goals. This season he has matched last year's assist total with 30 but has slowed down in the goal department with 19 for 49 points in 60 games. Terry, 25, will be a key member of the team's leadership core for years to come alongside Zegras.

Mason McTavish

Mason McTavish has had a very good rookie year with the Ducks, which makes the fans excited for his future. McTavish has 16 goals and 24 assists for 40 points through 66 games, which has him on pace for almost 50 points through a full 82-game season. He has proven that he can be a reliable center at the NHL level, which will allow the Ducks to have a solid line with him alongside Zegras and Terry. 

Photo Credits: © Brett Holmes-USA TODAY Sports