NHL Metes Out Punishment To Blues Goalie-Gone-Wild

The NHL has handed down its discipline to St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington after his.. uh.. wild antics against the Minnesota Wild Wednesday night. 

Binnington gets a two-game suspension for roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct. The ban without pay will cost the Blues netminder a cool $64,864.86.

The incident occurred after the Wild's Ryan Hartman scored and clipped Binnington on his way through the crease. As noted by the Department of Player Safety, "With the play long over and as the Wild celebrate their goal, Binnington leaves the area of his crease, approaches the unsuspecting Hartman and his teammates, raises his blocker and stick to head level and strikes Hartman in the face with the blocker.”

"Holy jumpin'!" And if you were impressed with the attempt of Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury to take on Binnington, you'll love it as a tremendously entertaining mic'd up moment, as Fleury was wearing a wire: