St. Louis Blues' Worst Trade Of The Past Year

The St. Louis Blues have made a number of big trades over the past year, but it's not one of those that we are looking at. They have hit big on those as they are looking to transition. Their worst trade came at the beginning of the season after players had gone through waivers.

Both the Blues and the Edmonton Oilers had a fairly good prospect that wasn't going to make their squad and had lost favour in the organizations, so they decided to swap to give both a fresh start. The Blues traded away Klim Kostin to the Oilers in exchange for Dmitri Samorukov.

While Kostin has scored 10 goals and 19 points in 50 games and solidified his role on the Oilers with a likely extension coming in the offseason, Samorukov hasn't sniffed the NHL and still only has under 2:30 of ice time in the NHL to his name.

Kostin is a former first round pick and has played immensely better in Edmonton than he did in St. Louis. The Blues could have used scoring this season and even in the future. The 23-year-old can score and play physically while there is still a question as to whether Samorukov can become an everyday NHLer at this point. The Oilers have gotten immediate results from the trade while the Blues may be left wondering why they made that trade down the line.

Photo credit: © Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports