Maple Leafs Defenseman Called Out For Poor Play

Though nobody on the team specifically should be put to blame for goals against and now losing two games, the Toronto Maple Leafs need much better from Justin Holl who has been on the ice for 73% of the goals against in the five games against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Former NHLer and Maple Leafs Frank Corrado said that Holl is putting himself in some bad spots on the ice where he doesn't need to be...and it's costing the team. Part of the reason why Kyle Dubas went out and acquired three extra defensemen was to avoid situations like this. If someone is playing bad, sit them and throw someone else in a game. Holl has played all five games while Timothy Liljegren, Erik Gustafsson, and Conor Timmins haven't been dressed yet.

Liljegren has played well all season for Toronto and Holl has been a liability more than just in the playoffs. While Holl is partnered with Mark Giordano right now, Liljegren has spent more time with him and has done well. If the Maple Leafs want to find a way to cut some goals against down, they should start by taking Holl out of the lineup because of his poor play and decision-making.

Photo credit: © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports