Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Unloads On Team In Post-Game Press Conference

After a promising 2022/23 campaign, the season of the Winnipeg Jets is now officially over as they fell to the Vegas Golden Knights in their first-round series, and while many are disappointed, that disappointment clearly turned to anger for Head Coach Rick Bowness. 

Following their 4-1 loss to close out the series, Bowness took to a very short press conference with the media, claiming that his team had absolutely no pushback, while also claiming that "their players were so much better than our players tonight and it's not even close".

In Bowness' first season back as the Head Coach of the Winnipeg Jets, they took a big step forward in the regular season, but unfortunately, the veteran squad wasn't able to make any noise in the playoffs, and now, it appears that there could be some changes happening in Winnipeg. 

Photo Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports