3 UFAs Rangers Must Let Walk In Free Agency

The New York Rangers were one of the teams that went all-in at the trade deadline this season and came up very short. They brought in multiple upcoming UFAs and there will have to be some roster changes in the offseason if the team wants to put forth a better effort to win the Stanley Cup next season in front of Igor Shesterkin. Here's a look at three UFAs who the Rangers must let walk.

Patrick Kane

Although Patrick Kane made it clear that he wanted to go to the Rangers at the deadline, he didn't put forth a great effort at all times. Part of the problem was that he had already hoisted the Stanley Cup three times. The Rangers didn't overpay to acquire Kane, but were able to get him at 1/4 of his contract. He will not get as much next season and the team could use help on the wing, but he will also eat up a fair bit of money for questionable play. Maybe it's time to give the kids a bigger role.

Vladimir Tarasenko

The Rangers are in a similar boat with Vladimir Tarasenko as they are with Kane. Tarasenko isn't the player he once was and even though he contributed three goals and four points in the first round, it wasn't enough. He isn't known for being very good defensively, and when he's not producing, he's not doing much. He will be looking to once again cash in on a longer-term deal, something the Rangers shouldn't have interest in giving him.

Niko Mikkola

Niko Mikkola came over to the Rangers to fill the 3LD hole at the trade deadline alongside Tarasenko, but Mikkola was never a great option on the back-end. He is a liability at times and a bit slow. The Rangers should once again give Zac Jones an opportunity to take that spot on the team. If that doesn't work out again, they still have Ben Harpur to fill in once again before another trade could occur. Mikkola wasn't anything special and it won't hurt to let him hit free agency.

Photo credit: © Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports