Calgary Flames Trying to Hire Maple Leafs Executive

The Calgary Flames are beginning their search for a new general manager and it sounds like they have their eye on the Toronto Maple Leafs. According to Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff, the Flames would like to interview Brandon Pridham, the assistant general manager of the Leafs.

Pridham has been Leafs GM' Kyle Dubas' right hand man for quite some time as he's the cap guru who helps Dubas' manage his finances. Pridham worked for the NHL and was a huge contributor to the construction of the league's salary cap. Essentially, nobody knows the ins and outs of the cap better than Pridham.

The Flames won't be the only ones after Pridham as the Pittsburgh Penguins are apparently also interested and will be asking the Leafs for permission for an interview. As for the circus in Toronto, there's a media availability on Monday morning where the future could become much more clearer for a number of employees.

If Dubas returns in Toronto, look for him to do whatever he can to keep Pridham on his team.

Photo credit:  Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports