Maple Leafs Players Laugh Off Panthers Ticket Restrictions Against Leafs Nation

The Florida Panthers tried to pull a fast one and nobody is buying that it's going to work. The team announced the sale of home game tickets will go on sale first to only Florida residents and they will confirm so through the address verification needed on credit cards. If the team thinks this is going to stop Leafs Nation from attending the second-round games, they're nuts. 

Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe chimed in on Tuesday about the hilarious restrictions told the Hockey News' David Alter that he doubted it was going to work.

Maple Leafs fans are some of the most loyal people in sports and they are the only team in the league that has the following they have for road games. Toronto is the type of team that will make other teams change the games start time because of how much 'power' they have over the league. If the Panthers think their little trick is going to keep out Leafs Nation, they will soon find out they have it all wrong.

Photo credit:  John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports