Pittsburgh Penguins Interviewing GM Candidates

The Pittsburgh Penguins mid as well move on from their pipe dream of adding Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas. This ship has sailed as Dubas made it loud and clear on Monday and the Penguins will now carry on with the candidates who made their list and are interested.

So far one round of interviews is ongoing, and likely finished up this week. With the second round for final candidates expected to take place as early as the weekend or into next week. And let's just say there are some interesting candidates who made the list including one former GM who fired Mike Sullivan in Boston.

Of the candidates being considered, Marc Bergevin Peter Chiarelli and Eric Tulsky are some of the biggest names to get a look. Bergevin of course, spent three seasons as a member of the Penguins throughout his career, meanwhile recently worked as GM and VP of the Montreal Canadiens from 2012-21. He's been a member of the LA Kings organization these past couple of seasons.

Chiarelli on the other hand is a name that has surprised many because of his history with Penguins' current head coach. Although he has 13 years of experience as a GM, it's how things went down in Boston and then later in Edmonton which have some Pens fans a bit concerned over the consideration.

For now, Sullivan has been making all the hockey operations decisions and that will continue as the recruitment continues.

Photo credit:  Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports