Toronto Maple Leafs Rumors: Complete Front Office Overhaul On The Table

The shockwaves are apparently still reverberating around Scotiabank Arena after the Toronto Maple Leafs jettisoned general manager Kyle Dubas last week. A report this week quoted numerous Toronto front office types as seriously questioning just exactly why Dubas was let go. “It doesn’t make any sense,” goes one refrain; "unfathomable" went another; and “They had it made with this guy.”

Now, according to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, the Leafs are considering a complete front office "clear out."

I think one thing MLSE is thinking is, are they going to have to clear out everybody from the department? Do they look at it and say, 'some of these people aren't going to be able to function under a different leader'... I'm sure that's a conversation MLSE is having... I know now one of the topics that's being considered is, are they going to have to clear it all out?

As noted by Jonas Siegel in The Athletic, "There is a sense of disbelief in the organization that Shanahan would be willing to change course from someone who had grown so much over the years and who was so committed to the Leafs and who, in Shanahan’s own telling, performed well last season."

He further characterized the feelings around the workplace in Toronto as "Anger. Confusion. Shock. Disappointment."

It's clear that a new general manager — while being the most pressing need at the moment and clearly the No. 1 priority other than Auston Matthews' extension situation — will not be the only big move coming in Toronto.

Photo: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports