Insider Begs Sharks To Eat Some AAV, Trade Karlsson: “You Still Stink With Him!”

With all the talk about trade targets and free agents that are in play this summer around the NHL, can it really get much better than a three-time Norris Trophy winner being on the market? Coming off one of the greatest offensive seasons by a defenseman in league history?

The problem for the San Jose Sharks and Erik Karlsson is that he still has four years to run of a hefty $11.5M cap hit. That just won't fly for any interested teams, so the idea of the Sharks retaining some substantial salary in order to get a deal done is out there. And Sportsnet's hockey insider Nick Kypreos, appearing on The Fan 590 Morning Show, is practically pleading with the Sharks to make it happen.  

San Jose is crazy if they say 'no, we're gonna keep him'. He's a 100-point guy. Only six guys have done that in history... And you still stink with him! You're still one of the worst teams in the league! Why would you hold on to this asset and end up with nothing in a few years?

The rebuilding Sharks finished the past season with only 23 wins and 58 points, both the worst marks in the NHL. 

All they need to do to make Karlsson, essentially, the most sought-after player on the trade market, says Kypreos, is to eat some of that salary, and retain enough money to bring his AAV down by a few million. 

"If you were to eat 40% of Karlsson's contract and bring him down to a $6M or $7M dollar, 4-year deal, what would teams be willing to pay for that? Two first-rounders? Three first-rounders?"

In the end, Kypreos believes they will ultimately do the right thing. 

"I expect San Jose to come to their senses. Yeah, it'll cost you a bit of money, but the possibilities of putting a Norris Trophy winner in play..." 

Photo: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports