Buffalo Sabres Rumors: Victor Olofsson Linked to New Team

The Ottawa Senators are likely to add another scoring winger to their roster after trading Alex DeBrincat to the Detroit Red Wings. As a result of this, one player who is starting to emerge as a possible trade target for them is Buffalo Sabres forward Victor Olofsson.

The Sabres are ready to move Olofsson, as they have been shopping him all offseason. Although a trade has yet to occur, one is expected to before the summer reaches its end. Now that the Senators have a clear need on the wing, it would make sense for them to make a push for Olofsson.

Olofsson had another solid year for the Sabres in 2023-24, scoring 28 goals and posting 40 points in 75 games. Although he does not produce as regularly as DeBrincat, the Senators would still benefit from adding that kind of scoring to their middle six for next season.

We will now need to wait and see if the Sabres and the Senators end up striking a deal centering around Olofsson from here. On paper, there appears to be a very solid match here.

photo credit: © Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports