Clayton Keller's Loyalty Finally Leading Coyotes Out Of Rebuild

The Arizona Coyotes, or formerly Phoenix Coyotes, have had a tough run not only recently, but since moving to the desert. In only nine of 26 seasons they've made the playoffs and only once in the last 11 years, but the tide appears to be turning as the team now understands that they can no longer be taking on tons of bad contracts and need to add some talent.

The Coyotes have amassed enough young talent that they are at the point where they added solid free agents to their roster instead of taking on bad contracts for draft picks and prospects. There is one player that the organization can thank the most for that as Clayton Keller has suffered through five seasons of missing the playoffs of the last six and continues to commit himself to the team long-term.

While some players might dread coming to Arizona and playing in a small arena they're temporarily in, Keller said, "we have great people in our organization and on our coaching staff...I've always been a loyal guy and I don't believe the grass is always greener somewhere else." At $7.15 million AAV for five more years, he is arguably pretty underpaid and the Coyotes have a great young star to build around at a very fair price. There are a few players added to get the fans of the Coyotes excited again and tons of talent on the way.

Photo credit: © Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports