Corey Perry and the Blackhawks Ready to Protect Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard was the first overall pick of the NHL Draft and the Chicago Blackhawks are very lucky to have him. They know there can't be any silly business next season and have decided they needed to beef up security. Insert veteran Corey Perry, among others.

Perry spoke to the media on Friday and provided some details of why exactly he felt like he needed to sign with a rebuilding club, even though he's in the late stages of the back nine of his career:

This league's not easy. Coming in at 18 years old, he's gonna have things that he hasn't seen before, playing against men and all these different things. That's why you have to do what you have to do, and that's kinda what's kept me in the league.

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson admitted his teams have hated playing against Perry in the pats and that's why exactly he felt it was important to have him on his side for once. While he's above average at pissing people off, Perry can still chip in a little with some offense, putting up 12 goals and 13 assists in 81 games last season with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

As for Bedard, he turns 18 this month and isn't going to be the biggest guy on the ice. He's working on his core strength and upper-body strength as he'll be taking some big hits next season from grown men. Davidson is hoping Perry adds another layer to his team's security plan as they look to keep Bedard from getting hurt next season.

Photo credit:  Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports