Darnell Nurse Speaks On Pressure Following $74M Deal: "I Feel Like I've Been Blamed For Everything"

Defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers, Darnell Nurse, recently opened up about the profound impact of his massive 8-year, $74 million contract.

In a candid interview with former player Luke Gazdic on the Mitts Off podcast, Nurse revealed the immense pressure and scrutiny he has faced since signing the deal.

He spoke honestly about feeling like a target for blame, with expectations set high even before the contract was inked:

“I mean you also have to take a lot of stuff with a grain of salt, like sometimes I feel like I’ve been blamed for everything from a goal against to the traffic on Stony Plain, right so like it’s just you have to be really cognizant of what the pressure you put on yourself.”

The passionate hockey market in Edmonton intensified the pressure, and Nurse found himself unfairly held responsible for everything that happened on and off the ice.

From goals against to seemingly unrelated matters like traffic conditions, the relentless criticism took a toll. Despite this, Nurse remains steadfast in his mindset, knowing that no one expects more from him than he does from himself.

One positive outcome of his contract was the ability to support his family, witnessing his parents' retirement after years of sacrifices for his hockey career.

This realization fuels his motivation to live up to the expectations placed upon him.

Beyond the game, Nurse is actively pursuing interests in real estate and is dedicated to giving back to the community. Photo Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports