More Legal Issues Now Revealed For Alex Galchenyuk

11-year NHL veteran Alex Galchenyuk is in even more hot water with the authorities. Just two weeks after his alleged drunken hit-and-run episode led to his release by the Arizona Coyotes, Galchenyuk is now being sued by the Royal Bank of Canada.

The lawsuit alleges that Galchenyuk defaulted on a $300K USD loan, and the bank is seeking repayment of the entire loan, plus interest at an annual rate of 9.2%. 

The 29-year-old originally took out the loan while with the Montreal Canadiens in 2014, and, according to the bank, “the defendant is in default under the terms and conditions of the loan in that he failed to make some payments, and the default has not been cured as of today.”

Galchenyuk's estimated career earnings to date, incidentally, according to Cap Friendly, are $24,566,415. 

He agreed last week to enter the NHL's Player Assistance Program to help with his alcohol problem that he says led to his sordid affair with Arizona police that allegedly included the hockey player threatening an officer's life. He issued an apology in conjunction with entering the assistance program.

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports