NHL Analyst Lists 3 Teams Who Should Sign Evan Bouchard To An Offer Sheet

There is growing speculation among insiders that Evan Bouchard, a promising defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers, could become the target of offer sheets from multiple teams.

Bouchard's skill set and potential as a future No. 1 defenseman have garnered attention, particularly from teams seeking to strengthen their blue line.

Among the teams frequently mentioned in connection with Bouchard, by Josh Wegman of The Score, are the Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes, and Seattle Kraken.

The Sabres, amidst a rebuilding phase, could greatly benefit from adding a young and talented defenseman like Bouchard to anchor their defensive core.

With ample cap space and a desire to bolster their roster, pursuing Bouchard through an offer sheet would align with their long-term goals.

The Hurricanes, known for their aggressive and creative approach to roster building, boast a strong defensive group already. However, the addition of Bouchard could further solidify their back end and provide them with an exceptional defensive unit.

Despite their past experience with offer sheets, the Hurricanes could still explore this avenue as they actively seek ways to enhance their team.

As for the Seattle Kraken, being an expansion team, they have both the cap space and the opportunity to make a significant impact in the league.

Signing Bouchard to an offer sheet would not only weaken the Oilers, but it would also grant the Kraken a highly promising young defenseman to anchor their blue line in their inaugural season, setting a strong foundation for their franchise.

While these teams present intriguing options for Bouchard, it's important to note that the Oilers face salary cap constraints, making it challenging for them to match lucrative offer sheets without significant roster adjustments.

Additionally, there is no indication at this time that Bouchard is open to signing with another team. Whether offer sheets for Bouchard materialize or not, the possibility of his potential departure from the Oilers adds an element of anticipation to the offseason. Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports