NHL Rumors: 3 Teams Linked to Signing Free Agent Patrick Kane

The NHL's offseason is only days old and already we've seen a flurry of fireworks this summer. From big trades to surprising signings, next season is going to be exciting with all this player movement across the league. Veteran forward Patrick Kane is still a free agent as his recent surgery may have scared a few teams away. Here's the latest on potential landing spots on the open market:

New York Rangers

New York still has just over $6 million in cap space and not many holes to fill. Alexis Lafreniere needs a contract and so too does K'Andre Miller. This will eat up most of the remaining cap space so Kane's either going to have to take a massive discount, like Blake Wheeler did after his buyout, or there's going to be a trade from Rangers GM Chris Drury, so he can then fit in Kane when needed.

Dallas Stars

Word is Kane wants to wait until he's healthy before signing a new contract so his new deal could come in season. Expectation is it will be at least a two-year contract and it could be coming from the Dallas Stars. They have shaken things up adding Matt Duchene and Sam Steel up front and Kane could be next. They, like the Rangers, don't have a ton of cap space but that could all change when Kane is ready to sign his next deal. The Stars have the free-agent forward on their radar and that's not going to change until he signs.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are a wild card team to watch and Kane will be eyeing their start next season. If they get things rolling early and look like they'll be in the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference, Kane will be interested. Buffalo could use a little more fire power up front and adding a proven veteran like Kane could do wonders to get them over the hump. They have close to $6 million in cap space available and will certainly be able to make things work on an in-season deal.

Photo credit:  Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports