Penguins Rumors: 3 Players Becoming Trade Candidates To Alleviate Cap Trouble

As the Pittsburgh Penguins find themselves facing cap space constraints, they have actively started exploring trade options that could alleviate their financial burden.

Among the players identified as potential trade candidates are Drew O'Connor, Bryan Rust, and Jan Rutta.

Drew O'Connor, a 25-year-old forward, might not carry substantial individual trade value, but his inclusion in a larger trade package could help create some salary relief for the team.

Although the decision to part ways with O'Connor would need to consider his potential and future growth within the organization, it could be a strategic move to increase financial flexibility.

O'Connor, in just his third NHL season, scored five goals and 11 points across 46 games last season.

Bryan Rust's situation presents an intriguing yet challenging trade scenario. The skilled forward is signed through the 2024-2025 season and holds a no-movement clause, which could complicate any potential trade negotiations.

However, given his $5 million salary cap hit, the Penguins may be compelled to explore trade options involving Rust to address their cap space troubles.

Rust scored 20 goals and 46 points across 81 games last season.

Jan Rutta, though not having played a prominent role with the Penguins, has been earmarked as a potential trade asset.

Despite his limited impact on the team, Rutta's trade value could be leveraged to create cap relief for Pittsburgh and potentially gain assets that better fit their roster needs.

Rutta put up three goals and nine points as well as a +3 plus/minus rating over 56 games last season.

As the Penguins navigate through these potential trade discussions, their management will need to carefully weigh the consequences of each move, striking a balance between shedding salary and maintaining a competitive roster.

Ultimately, the decisions made will significantly impact the team's roster composition and financial flexibility moving forward. Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports