Sabres Rumors: Team Changing Their Mind About Trading Sniper Forward

There have been recent speculations regarding the Buffalo Sabres' approach to trading winger Victor Olofsson.

With Olofsson approaching unrestricted free agency and unlikely to be re-signed by the Sabres, it was initially expected that he would be moved in exchange for a goaltender or defenseman on a short-term contract.

However, recent developments have potentially influenced the team's plans. The availability of players such as Alex DeBrincat, now traded, and Vladimir Tarasenko on the trade market, coupled with Jack Quinn's recent Achilles' tendon injury, may have caused the Sabres to reconsider their strategy.

In light of these circumstances, the Sabres could be contemplating postponing the trade of Olofsson for the time being.

Despite their forward depth and Olofsson's uncertain future with the team, a potential trade involving Tarasenko, along with Quinn's injury, might have prompted the Sabres to retain Olofsson for the upcoming season.

This past season, the 27-year-old scored a career-high 28 goals along with 40 points over 75 games played.

By keeping him on the roster, they can reassess their options closer to the trade deadline, especially when Quinn is expected to return from his injury.

This revised approach would allow the Sabres to evaluate their needs and explore potential trade opportunities involving Olofsson at a more opportune time. Photo Credit: Jason Mowry-USA TODAY Sports