3 Players Maple Leafs Could Trade Next

The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing with fire making some great and some interesting and not so great decisions this offseason. They still have to figure out their cap situation, but they also have to figure out some contracts for their big four soon. They will contend again and be a very good team, but might have to make some key moves throughout the season or just after. Let's look at who the Maple Leafs will have to consider trading.

William Nylander

William Nylander isn't the Maple Leafs' top priority to sign this offseason, it's Auston Matthews. Pair that with Nylander asking for too much, and the Maple Leafs don't look like they will be re-signing him. They still have the option of trading him before the season and completely dealing with their bad cap situation, executing a sign-and-trade after the season, or just letting him walk in free agency. I don't believe any team will want to pay him $10 million AAV, so he will either bite the bullet early or later. I think he will have a good season for the Maple Leafs and they will be able to pull off a sign-and-trade after the season is over.

Nic Robertson

Nic Robertson has been passed over by a few younger players now due to his constant serious injuries. This season it doesn't look like he will have an opportunity to make the team and will be stuck in the minors. Whether it is to upgrade at the trade deadline or just to do right by the player, the Maple Leafs could trade him sooner than later as it doesn't look like there's a future in Toronto for him.

Matt Murray

The Maple Leafs might have been able to get away with placing Matt Murray on the LTIR to start the season, but there's no guarantee that he will spend the full season there. The team has three goalies and there is no room for Murray, but if he does return at some point, the Maple Leafs will be forced to dump his contract. Either way, this is his final year in Toronto.

Photo credit: © John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports