Blues Colton Parayko Has Emphatic Response To Trade Rumors

As a top-pairing defenseman, he helped lead the St. Louis Blues to the Stanley Cup in 2019. But those credits seemingly have all been used up by now in the eyes of Blues fans, and Colton Parayko has become the franchise whipping boy for many. 

Parayko's 8-year, $52M contract has made him a big target (though let's face it, when you're 6'6", you're always a big target), but his lackluster performance in 2022-23 certainly did not help matters. 

The 30-year-old was the subject of trade rumors at this year's deadline, though he holds a full no-trade clause which would make it difficult in any case. 

But despite all of that, Parayko told Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic that he intends on using those no-trade rights and is staying with the Blues. 

I plan on being here for a long time, and I just want to show that I’m going to put in the effort and be the best version of myself and help out as much as possible. Obviously it’s fun to have the fans and the city behind you. They spend a lot of money to come watch us play and win hockey games, so they have the right to say whatever they feel. This is a chance to get people excited, and I guess if we’re talking individually, see me play again, and hopefully I can have a good season.

Parayko added that he's heard the trade rumors, but he isn't letting it affect him. 

The last few years, I’ve always been in the (trade talk) mix. I personally never heard anything around here, but obviously people are talking. That’s part of the gig. It’s pro sports and people are traded and obviously where we were last year at the deadline, things are always getting talked about. 

I don’t think much about it. This is where I want to play, and (with the no-trade clause), it’s always going to run through me.   

Parayko was a career plus-70 heading into last season, before struggling to a minus-19, with just four goals and 27 points in 79 games. 

Photo: Jeff Le-USA TODAY Sports