Canucks JT Miller Speaks On "Toxic" Media In Vancouver

Vancouver Canucks forward J.T. Miller's recent appearance on the "Cam and Strick" podcast offered a candid glimpse into his experiences during a challenging season.

Despite an impressive 82-point performance in 81 games, defensive struggles led to a position change from center to wing, highlighting the intricacies of team dynamics.

The team grappled with defensive issues and coaching changes, adding to the complexity of the season.

Miller openly addressed the negativity stemming from media attention and trade rumors, revealing his avoidance of social media while acknowledging the criticism.

His awareness of Canucks fans' frustrations demonstrated his connection to the passionate fan base, even during difficult times.

The conversation also delved into specific on-ice incidents and Miller's positive response to new coaching under Rick Tocchet, underscoring the influence of coaching on player performance. 

"It's toxic out there, feels like everyone is always looking for something to grab onto," Miller said. In reference to the media attention, Miller didn't hold back: "I have way too much pride to kiss the media's ass. I'd rather stir the pot."

Looking ahead, Miller emphasized the importance of a strong season start to alleviate media pressure and fan discontent. Photo Credit:  Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports