Capitals Rumors: Forward Has "Not Drawn Any Serious Attention" This Summer

Anthony Mantha, the talented forward for the Washington Capitals, is currently navigating the trade rumor mill with a resolute focus on his game.

Despite his name being prominently featured in trade discussions, there seems to be a lack of substantial trade interest in him during this summer's trade market.

While speculation has swirled around his potential departure, concrete trade offers have yet to materialize, suggesting that his status with the Capitals remains stable.

In contrast to some of his counterparts, Mantha's trade market has remained relatively quiet.

This quieter trade landscape could be attributed to various factors, including his performance history and financial considerations.

Nevertheless, Mantha has taken a proactive approach to blocking out distractions and maintaining his dedication to the Capitals: “I block everything out, I’m able to ignore what’s being said… I’ve had more of a mentality that it’s a business. We’re definitely going to move and play somewhere else, so I’m trying to stay focused.”

Since the Washington Capitals made a significant trade with the Detroit Red Wings to acquire Anthony Mantha a few years ago, the 28-year-old winger has failed to live up to expectations.

This past season was particularly underwhelming for him, as he managed to score only 11 goals and tally 27 points across 67 games.

For now, Mantha's focus on preparing for the upcoming season with the Capitals remains a testament to his professionalism and dedication to his craft. Photo Credit:  Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports