Flames Rumors: New Team Now Showing Trade Interest In Noah Hanifin

Amidst a summer of fervent NHL trade rumors, the spotlight is on Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin, whose potential departure seems likely before the upcoming NHL season in October.

Particularly intriguing are the swirling speculations involving the Columbus Blue Jackets, emerging as prime contenders for Hanifin's acquisition.

Fueling the buzz is Hanifin's apparent reluctance to extend his contract with the Flames, creating a plausible scenario for a trade.

The rumor mill suggests that the Columbus Blue Jackets are formulating a trade proposal centered around Hanifin.

Last season the 26-year-old Hanifin recorded seven goals and 38 total points across 81 games with the Flames.

The speculated deal involves sending forward Kirill Marchenko and another player to the Flames.

This proposed trade package aims to provide the Flames with a budding talent in Marchenko, whose goal-scoring ability amid Columbus' challenges has caught the attention of fans and analysts alike, and another player, likely a defenseman, to fill the void Hanifin would leave.

With anticipation running high, the NHL community watches closely, awaiting the resolution of these trade talks and the reshaping of Hanifin's future in the league. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports