Flyers' Ivan Fedotov Saga Is Far From Over

When the IIHF came down with its ruling earlier this month on the Ivan Fedotov double-contract caper, it appeared that all parties would abide by the decision. But not so fast, as—no big shocker—the Russian Ice Hockey Federation has now appealed the ruling.

Fedotov was forced to serve a year of mandatory military service in Russia after he had signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers last summer for the 2022-23 season, so the Flyers claimed that his contract would roll over instead to the coming year. Nevertheless, CSKA signed the goaltender to an agreement for this season. 

The IIHF not only ruled in the Flyers' favor, it suspended the 26-year-old from all national and international games for four months, through to the end of 2023, and banned CSKA from any international transfers for a season. CSKA called the ruling "biased" and initiated the appeal, which has now been delivered by the Russian Federation.

To make matters worse, Fedotov actually appeared in a preseason game for CSKA on the weekend, and CSKA head coach Sergei Fedorov actually came out today and said that the goalie has a signed contract with his team and will play in the domestic championship beginning September 1st.

 Clearly, Fedotov's future with the Flyers is still very much up in the air. 

Photo: George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports