Flyers Rumors: 2 Teams Showing Interest In Carter Hart

The NHL trade rumor mill is abuzz with discussions centering on the potential departure of Carter Hart from the Philadelphia Flyers.

These speculations gained momentum after the Flyers' acquisition of goalie Cal Peterson and the signing of Samuel Ersson.

Despite his current contract's affordability and his status as a restricted free agent after the ongoing season, Carter Hart's name has become a consistent presence in trade talks.

Two teams that have emerged as noteworthy contenders in these discussions are the Buffalo Sabres and the San Jose Sharks.

The Sabres, eager to bolster their playoff chances, view Hart as a solution to their goaltending needs. There's talk of the Sabres possessing the assets necessary for a trade to secure Hart's services.

On the other hand, the San Jose Sharks, navigating a rebuilding phase, are also eyeing Hart to fortify their lineup.

Moreover, the Sharks might consider leveraging Hart's availability as a trade asset next offseason, should they opt not to extend his contract, potentially gaining valuable draft picks.

That being said, there are some who are proposing the Montreal Canadiens as a suitable destination, envisioning a mentorship between Hart and experienced goalie Carey Price.

As the NHL's training camp approaches, all eyes are on the unfolding developments that will determine whether Hart joins the Sabres, the Sharks, or remains with the Flyers, bringing this captivating saga to a definitive conclusion. Photo Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports