Kings Rumors: Team Looking To Add Goaltender

The Los Angeles Kings are contemplating the addition of a new goaltender to their roster, considering the possibility of a move during the upcoming season.

Should the current goaltending tandem of Pheonix Copley and Cam Talbot fail to meet expectations, this move could become a necessary strategic adjustment.

This raises the prospect of pursuing Connor Hellebuyck from the Winnipeg Jets.

However, the challenge lies in navigating salary cap constraints associated with a high-profile acquisition like Hellebuyck, who comes with a significant $6.166 million salary-cap hit.

If Copley and Talbot underperform, the Kings' General Manager Rob Blake might have to delve into the trade market for a solution.

A potential trade scenario becomes all the more feasible due to the Kings' pool of promising young players, which could serve as valuable trade assets.

Furthermore, the Kings' history of past trades with the Jets provides a foundation for potential negotiations.

To facilitate a trade for Hellebuyck, Blake could explore strategic options.

One path involves negotiating with the Jets to retain a portion of Hellebuyck's salary-cap hit, potentially making the trade more viable within the Kings' financial framework.

Alternatively, a three-team trade arrangement could be considered, distributing the financial impact more evenly.

As the Kings assess their goaltending situation, their moves will hinge on the performances of Copley and Talbot, potentially leading to a significant shift in their roster composition. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports