Leafs Insider Puts Timeline On Auston Matthews Contract

Toronto Maple Leafs fans have been waiting nervously on word of an Auston Matthews extension, before he heads into the final year of his current contract. Sources have said that it's only a matter of time, but that hasn't stopped some fans from wondering, "when, already??"

According to Leafs Insider Chris Johnson, the Matthews situation will likely closely mirror that of the Colorado Avalanche's Nathan MacKinnon last summer. 

At this point of the summer, I don't think it's been a priority. This has just been the wedding season for these guys! They're enjoying the summer... And so, I think that there's certainly going to be a lot more conversation between now and the start of training camp... 

I will say, let's look at last year what happened in Colorado: Nathan MacKinnon went out and had a nice summer, and then on the eve of training camp or thereabouts in September, he signed his extension... I think there's still a lot of time for that business to get done. 

Johnson remembers well. With the Avs' camp opening on Sept. 21st last year, MacKinnon was signed to an eight-year extension on Sept. 20th, worth $12.6M annually, making him the NHL's highest-paid player. That could very well be the same fate awaiting the Leafs' Auston Matthews this September—though more likely at a much shorter term. Many pundits are predicting a three-year deal.

But for another six weeks or so, Leafs Nation will have to just have faith and believe. And enjoy the summer. 

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports