NHL Rumors: 2 Possible Free-Agent Destinations for Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane's agent has made it clear that the future Hall of Famer will wait to sign a new contract until the start of the regular season. When that time comes, there are going to be several teams looking to add him. Let's discuss two clubs that could have the best odds of landing him. 

Buffalo Sabres: The Buffalo Sabres and Kane could finally unite. The Sabres are on the rise, and there is a real expectation that they will finally break their postseason curse this year. With that, it is well-known that they are looking to add another winger due to Jack Quinn's long-term injury. Kane would also have the chance to play for his childhood team, so this is something to pay very close attention to. 

New York Rangers: If Kane is willing to take a discount, a return to the Rangers should not be ruled out. They were the one team that he was willing to accept a move to before the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline passed, and it is hard to believe that he would not want to play there again. They are legitimate contenders, and Kane would be a major addition to their roster once he is fully healthy again.

We will need to wait and see if either of these two teams successfully sign Kane for the upcoming season. Other clubs to watch include the New Jersey Devils, Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, and Detroit Red Wings. 

photo credit: © Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports