Pittsburgh Penguins GM Search Officially Comes To An End

The exhaustive search is over. The Pittsburgh Penguins have made an official announcement on who their new General Manager will be, and—to no one's surprise—it's president of hockey operations Kyle Dubas.

When the former Toronto Maple Leafs GM was originally hired as the Penguins hockey ops prez back on June 1st, Dubas said that he would work as GM on an "interim" basis and begin the search for a full-time person for the position "at a later time".

With so much on his plate this offseason, including 15 contract signings plus trade talks, Dubas either was too busy to start that search, or simply came to the realization that he was indeed the best man for the job. 

So Dubas hires himself, essentially, to take on the responsibilities of a position that he handled with the Leafs for the past five seasons. 

“At this time, I feel it is best for continuity that I formally continue in both roles as president and general manager in the hockey operations department,” Dubas said. “We will continue to reevaluate the GM position, alongside all others in future off-seasons, to ensure that we are optimizing all facets of the department."

The new full-time GM's next job? Simply try to finalize a trade for the Norris Trophy winner, Erik Karlsson.