Report: Elias Lindholm Has Huge Change of Heart On Flames Extension

After months of uncertainty over whether Calgary Flames star Elias Lindholm was open to an extension with the team or not, it seems that there's been some real movement, and that he is indeed willing to sign on long-term in Calgary. 

He has one year left on his current deal, and something needs to get done in a hurry. 

Insider David Pagnotta of The NHL Network says "Yes, they're trying to hammer this out, going back and forth trying to make an extension happen.

"With all the talk and players in Calgary who've said they're not willing to sign an extension right now, Elias Lindholm is. He's looking at an 8-year extension... but if the Flames want to make this work, they're going to have to get in and around, or just over, $9M per year on an AAV."

Pagnotta's latest intel says the Flames are right now hovering around the $8.2M range in their offer, which, obviously, won't get it done. 

"The Flames may have to buckle down here and make this happen... there's still time, there's no concern—yet. They're trying to make this work, and Calgary, they may not have a choice, they may just have to make this happen."

Lindholm had 22 goals and 42 assists for 64 points last season, following a 42-goal, 82-point effort the previous year. The 28-year-old will be going into his 11th NHL season. 

Photo: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports