Second Insider Suggests McDavid & Draisaitl's Long-Term Plans With Oilers

Since Leon Draisaitl has two years left on his contract and Connor McDavid has three years left, questions have already been coming up as to whether neither, one, or both will sign long-term with the Edmonton Oilers. Bob Stauffer, Oilers' insider, previously noted that he believes there is a good chance both sign long-term deals, and now after Jeff Jackson has been brought in, it is even more likely.

Now Frank Seravalli has revealed that' "I think there's a 90-some % chance that McDavid and Draisaitl are Oilers for a long time." This is great news for the Oilers and their fans, but not so much for other teams that regularly have to play them. At age 26 and 27, they are just entering the primes of their careers and with multiple 100+ point seasons already under each of their belts, they should be very competitive for a long time.

Draisaitl is in for a fairly significant raise, but McDavid, after already signing an $100 million contract and having an estimated career earning north of $70 million already, wants to win and might not just take the highest amount on his next contract just because. He and Draisaitl know first hand that they need help, and while they have it right now, it has to be a consistency and other up-and-comers will need to eventually be paid as well. With both McDavid and Draisaitl looking like they will be Oilers for the long haul, a Stanley Cup is surely on the horizon.

Photo credit: © Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports