Maple Leafs Rumors: William Nylander Linked To Anaheim Ducks

Heading into the final year of his contract, William Nylander remains without an extension, with no sign at all that his camp and the Toronto Maple Leafs are anywhere close to a new deal. According to NHL Network analyst and former Stanley Cup champion Mike Rupp, there's only one way this can end up.

"I think it's coming to an end," said Rupp of Nylander's future in Toronto. "I think at some point this season you'll see Willie Nylander moved."

And Rupp feels he knows the perfect destination for the 40-goal scorer. The rebuilding Anaheim Ducks. 

I'd love to see him get an opportunity to be 'The Man' somewhere. And I want to see what that does for him. I'm thinking of a team that would be a perfect fit as far as the age and to get someone to be in that role... 

I look at Anaheim. They've got a boatload of young talent. And the Leafs have been a very good team for quite some time and haven't picked very high in the draft... use some of those picks that you have out there in Anaheim (to trade for Nylander). I don't know what the asking price would be, but I do know that that player in this lineup with that talent would be incredible.

Rupp goes on to suggest that Nylander, 27, would form a killer first line with young stars Trevor Zegras and Troy Terry. There's certainly no arguing that. But are the Leafs ready to deal a piece of their Core 4 for prospects while their Stanley Cup contention window (supposedly) is still open? 

Training camp opens next month—will it be Nylander's final camp in Toronto? 

 Photo: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports