3 Ducks With The Most To Prove In 2023-24

The Anaheim Ducks are going to have a hard time pulling themselves out of the bottom-five in the league, but it is entirely possible with some of the players they brought in and a bit of health. While the team won't be contending for a playoff spot, there is room for certain members of the team to prove themselves this season.

Trevor Zegras

Trevor Zegras is getting into holdout territory with the Ducks. All signs point to a bridge or short-term deal, meaning the young centerman will have to prove he is worth the money he is waiting on or expecting right now. There are now two potential franchise centermen right behind him, so he has that to think about as well. He put up solid numbers for the team he played on, but with Troy Terry re-upping so quickly, more pressure will be on Zegras the longer this drags out.

Radko Gudas

Radko Gudas played his role in Florida very well. But that role was a third pairing physical defenseman. The Ducks are much weaker defensively and have much less options. This will force Gudas into a second pairing role that he may or may not do well in. He will face tougher competition each night, but the good thing is he's not expected to produce offensively. The players he will match up against will be more skilled, so he will have to adjust and play up to that speed and level.

John Gibson

There were rumors that John Gibson didn't want to play for the Ducks anymore. Whether those were said at a time or not, he seems to be staying through the start of the season in Anaheim and will be their starter again. I firmly believe that he still has elite talent, but has been held down by the rebuild of the Ducks. The team seems to be starting to turn things around and get better, so he should be expected to raise his SV% from the lowest in his career last season.

Photo credit: © Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports