3 Teams That Could Claim Senators' Lassi Thomson Off Waivers

When looking at players that teams would be interested in picking up off of waivers, especially during training camp, they have to have a chance of at least sticking around for a bit. Some will be able to and even get a few preseason games in with their new team if claimed, but others don't stick and go back to their previous team to the minors. We've already seen someone claimed, but there was one interesting player heading to waivers, and it was Ottawa Senators' former first round pick in 2019, Lassi Thomson. Surely someone is willing to give him a shot. Let's take a look at who that could be.

Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks might be a little bit better than last season, but they are nowhere close to competing yet. Their big problem was capable defenders last season. Yes, they brought in Radko Gudas and both Jamie Drysdale (without a contract) and Urho Vaakanainen are back from injury, but there are spots still very much up for grabs. On almost all teams, a player like Colton White wouldn't be in the NHL. He likely has a spot right now. Thomson could be given a fair shot on the third pair at the very least this season with the Ducks, especially if Drysdale doesn't have a contract to start the season. The team would really only have Gudas for the right side.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers finally embraced a rebuild this summer and sold off a couple pieces they needed to. They shouldn't be done yet. Along with selling off pieces of value that are a bit older, a rebuilding team like the Flyers also need to give young players a chance. Sometimes this means claiming young players off of waivers and throwing them in a new situation. Thomson could use this in Philadelphia as someone like Nick Seeler could easily be pulled out of the lineup to give him some looks in games. The team has Egor Zamula also looking for an NHL spot, but it is never a bad thing to have competition and options.

Florida Panthers

While the first two teams are rebuilding squads with room in the lineup for Thomson if they were to claim him, the Florida Panthers are in an interesting situation. Over the past few years, they have cleared out a lot of their top prospects or traded away top draft picks. This has left their system fairly weak. This season Aaron Ekblad and Brandon Montour are out to start the season, so the already fairly bare back-end will be wide open for an opportunity. On the Panthers, Thomson, at the very least, could have a spot as the sixth or seventh defenseman. Until either or both of the top two defenders get back, it would give the Panthers a good look at a recent first round pick for no cost.

Photo credit: © Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports