Connor Bedard "Extremely Upset" At Blackhawks Camp

You don't get to be the No. 1 overall pick and a potential franchise superstar talent by not giving a damn out on the ice. So it's probably not too surprising that Chicago Blackhawks wunderkind Connor Bedard was "extremely upset" when his squad lost in a scrimmage  on Sunday.

“Connor was extremely upset he lost today, which I love," said grizzled veteran Nick Foligno. "I was looking at him, he’s kind of pouting over there, and I just love that. Yeah.. Everything matters, especially in training camp. We've already seen the competitive nature of some guys.”

Bedard comes into the league with the full 'generational talent' treatment, and it seems he's off to a great start, as far as making an impression on players in his locker room and around the league. Sidney Crosby has predicted that Bedard could register 170 points in a season.

"He wants to be the best player on the ice," added teammate Taylor Hall. "He wants to be mentioned in the (Crosby) category, and I think from watching him in the first few days of camp, he's got the game to do it." 

A day after that scrimmage "loss", Bedard was putting in extra time after practice: 

Whether you're a Blackhawks fan or not, it's gonna be fun watching this kid progress.