Insider Has Latest On Trevor Zegras Contract Talks With Ducks

The stalemate on the outskirts of Los Angeles continues. Restricted free agent Trevor Zegras and the Anaheim Ducks still haven't come to an agreement on a new contract — in fact, the latest reports confirm that they haven't even come close

On Thursday, NHL Insider Chris Johnston reported that Zegras is sticking to his guns, and it could cost him the start of the season. 

"It's not going well... The status of negotiations is not particularly positive at this time," said Johnston

A full week into camp, and with the regular season creeping ever closer, Johnston wonders if there could be some pressure on Zegras to get something/anything done so that he can get into camp and join his teammates. 

"I think one thing you're always looking at (at this point): are the players remaining steadfast in their position or are they getting antsy? Are they hearing from their teammates to get back and just take whatever deal?"

But then, from his intel, he's able to answer his own question:   

It certainly seems like Zegras is rock solid in his belief in where he's at. The sides have discussed a shorter term deal and both are comfortable with that, but they aren't anywhere near the same ballpark when it comes to money. I do know there was a meeting this week, but it doesn't seem like there was much progress.

It's starting to seem like a very real possibility, says Johnston, that the Ducks could be forced to start the season without the dynamic scorer in tow. He allows that it's the same situation with Zegras' teammate and fellow RFA Jamie Drysdale. 

The last report we had was that the Ducks were offering Zegras between $3M and $4M per season. But on a "shorter-term deal", something like three years, the expectation is that number needs to be higher. 

Zegras continued the electrifying start to his career last year in his sophomore season, once again notching 23 goals, with a new high of 65 points, and another slew of highlight reel plays. 

The Ducks, and Ducks fans, will certainly be worse off if they have to start the year without him. 

 Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports